While the battle to thwart the coronavirus hammered most of the economy, costing the state more than one-fifth of its jobs and bringing the economy to its knees, the construction materials supply chain continued uninterrupted – allowing essential healthcare, transportation and affordable housing construction to advance safely and uninterrupted.


In a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about how we live and work in California. In the process, the role and benefit of California’s essential industries became important to clarify and codify.

The California construction and materials industry turned to Kay Hazen and Company to help make the case for how and why an uninterrupted flow of construction materials was essential for California’s recovery. The resulting report highlighted the ability of the industry to work safely, efficiently and responsibly, keeping workers and the public safe in a crisis while helping to accelerate the recovery of local communities.


Industry associations and their members were able to use the report and accompanying fact sheets to raise awareness, answer questions and effectively demonstrate the essential nature and significant benefits of one of California’s largest and most significant industries and its workforce.