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Public Affairs & Permitting Support
Successful project development requires solid public affairs strategies and permitting support. We understand the complex nature of the permitting and approval process as well as the need for precise execution of outreach and communications programs. Over the last twenty years we have been involved with successful permitting efforts for large and small residential project developments, highly controversial and complex public and private infrastructure projects and a wide variety of energy related projects.

Examples: Successful hillside project proposal; public affairs support throughout process of acquisition of 20 required permits for large, controversial infrastructure project; power plant projects; solar energy projects; large and small residential developments; stakeholder analysis, 1-day quick assessment of permitting challenges for proposed development

Strategic Advice & Counsel
Many of our clients engage us as ongoing advisers to support or augment in-house staff and executive management. Whether you need a few hours of crisis management advice, coaching or ongoing support for issues management we can provide the expertise and outside perspective needed to support your efforts.

Examples: Coaching for in-house staff in planning and marketing; advice for community leaders on issues and policy.

Environmental Communications
We understand and have experience working with technical and legal teams to address all kinds of environmental challenges and can offer extensive experience to support the public process.

Examples: Facilitated public hearings for regional environmental habitat plan; provided strategy for solar project permitting; client representation with public agencies during environmental permitting process.

Public and Media Relations
Effective public affairs strategies include integrated public and media relations plans. We understand how to work with public stakeholders and media outlets to secure the appropriate coverage and support for our clients.

Examples: Development of media strategy for large, controversial projects; media strategy in response to opposition; stakeholder analysis and outreach plans; briefings; implementation of campaigns.

Marketing and Community Relations
Marketing and outreach helps accomplish your goals. We perform issues assessment and message development as well as manage efforts to build support and advocacy for projects and issues.

Examples: Outreach in support of proposed projects; marketing campaign development; message development; outreach efforts and advocacy to support projects; specialty marketing and collateral pieces; focused publications and mailings; surveys and response plans

Government Relations
Developing and communicating your message to public agencies and elected representatives is important to your success. Our established relationship network with elected officials and government leaders helps ensure your message is effectively delivered and will be heard.

Examples: Proposed legislation to support public agency client; federal appropriations advocacy to fund local research effort; advocacy efforts to support zoning and permitting process changes.

Crisis Communications & Litigation Support
How you respond in a crisis is critical to your future success. Our experience ranges from quick internal assessment and recommendations to development of crisis communication teams and programs to client representation managing media and stakeholder response.

Project Management & Facilitation
Individual projects require focused effort and expert management skills. We help set objectives and define the scope of projects, identify risks and mitigation, develop strategies and plans, and guide implementation while serving as the key point of contact for project teams.

Examples: Strategic Planning and Priority Setting; Annual Report; Focus Group; Strategic Planning; Community Meetings.

Strategic Planning, Priority Setting, Forums and Moderation
A strong strategic planning and/or priority setting process can provide a road map for future success. We help organize and facilitate as you set measurable goals and objectives to lead your organization in a positive direction.  We often moderate meetings and/or facilitate forums as part of project introductory efforts and/or public review processes. 

Examples: Strategic Planning for public and non-profit groups; Priority Setting Sessions; Proposed project introductory community meetings; Public Issue Forums.

Special Packages
We offer 1 and 2 day special packages that include quick assessments and recommendations for action on issues, project obstacles, communications, priority setting, stakeholder identification and other programs and services.

Examples: Private acquisition of facility roll out; Strategic plan review for non-profit organization; Communications strategy assessment for private business; Stakeholder analysis; Communications audit; Priority review.